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Hometown Marie is a band that involves 4 guys from a small town called ”Mariestad” in Sweden. The band started up in 2013 and making more progress every year. They have released 2 full EP’s and one brand new singel.

 These records has taken Hometown Marie all over the venues, bars and festivals in Sweden but they’ve also been playing their songs in Scotland, London and Nashville (which they also revisit 1-2 times a year).

In 2016 ”Hometown Marie” got nominated to the biggest country music award in Sweden and their single ”Yours Tonight” won a huge radio award called ”Svensktoppen nästa” in their region. Thanks to all of that and the love from the people supporting us and our music, our songs is played daily on radio stations all over Europe and for that we are really grateful.








Singer, songwriter, guitarist


Bass, vocals




Lead guitarist



I was happily surprised when i listened to the new ”Hometown Marie” single, ”Yours Tonight”. I got to say that i don’t know any other band/artists in Sweden that does this better then these guys in this genre. it could just as well have been a song from the big american country artists.



Another solid example of how Sweden can take on Americana at its own game. Hometown Marie are a four piece from Mariestad, but, given they only have a Facebook site that’s singularly lacking in any information, there’s not much more I can tell you other than, founded by frontman Oskar Ostman and drummer Simon Peterson, they’ve been going for three years. There’s also no indication as to whether this four track EP is their debut or not, but either way it makes a solid alt-country noise, opening with the slow marching Like We Used To which wears its Son Volt influences on its sleeve, adding the mandolin-introed Eagles-ish Yours Tonight, mid-tempo pedal steel laced ballad Run To You and. mandolin back in action, the closing title track rocker. It’s bar band territory, but you’d certainly want to drink where they’re playing. Hopefully, a full album won’t be too far down the line.

Roots and Branches


Going strong!

The 4 person band ”Hometown Marie” just released a brand new EP called ”Wild Side”. There is 4 high quality songs on the EP and the single ”Yours Tonight” stands out as the most fierce song that really shows it’s muscles! With one leg in the ”rock” genre and the other in country music it makes this a band you would really like to hear more from.


Hometown Marie is one of those bands in Sweden that goes against all odds for the Country music. The new single ”Better Days” is a radio friendly song. This genre is not usually my cup of tea but you can’t help but feel these guys heart and musicality. The singer ”Oskar Östman” i carrying their songs with his impressive golden voice and i also had the honor to be in the front row when Hometown Marie was opening for ”Sam Outlaw” last spring. The voice is just as good live.

Their new single ”Better Days” is like their other songs. Country for everyone that does not sound like a Swedish group. Their songs can hold up against the music from the states

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